Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ke$ha Talks About “The Time Of Our Lives”

During an interview for the brazilian magazine Capricho, one of Miley’s friends Ke$ha/Kesha talked about one of the songs she wrote for Miley “The Time Of Our Lives”.
The magazine asked her if she thought of Miley while writing it and she said she did as Miley’s songs are different than hers with a different style,etc. Check out a part of the interview below:
You also wrote the song “The Time of Our Lives” for Miley Cyrus. You did the same process, did you think about her?
Kesha: Yes, I thought of Miley. When I wrote that song, I wanted to pass something positive and beautiful for the girls. She is a bit younger than me, so I had to write something ligther than I usually write.

More photos from Jen and Ryan’s Wedding

Getting a lava lamp at a light store - September 24th, 2011

Last Saturday (September 24th), Miley and Liam were spotted stopping by a light store to buy a lava lamp. These photos are so cute. Click here to see more pictures.

New Personal picture: She’s just being Miley

This is a new Picture of Miley and her new T-Shirt. I am fucking in love with her T-Shirt she has a great Style. I wish i had her wardrobe.

Shops At Bed Bath And Beyond - September 26th, 2011

Miley was seeing shopping with her Friend and dancer Jen. They shopped in Los Angeles. They looks stunning! And so cute! Click here to see many more pictures of Miley and Jen.

New Fan Photo

I just came across this new photo of Miley, Lila and two fans from 27th September. I think this photo is cute!

Arriving in Nashville with Liam, Noah, Tish & Billy - September 27th, 2011

Yesterday (27th September), Miley was pictured arriving in Nashville wih Liam, Noah, Tish & Billy. Be sure to check out. Click here for more pictures.